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Bored of all the Brick Breaker, Arkanoid and Breakout clones - BORING!

You need "Frustrate-a-ball" !

Its like PONG on drugs. Its like a Brick Breaker game but theres no bricks and its actually fun to play. If Arkanoid was re-made today the developers would look to Frustrate-a-ball for inspiration. It really is that good!

Its got frantic one-touch gameplay, cool effects, upgrades, power-ups and you will die a lot. When we say a lot we mean A LOT! You'll be hearing the catchphrase "YOU IS DEAD" in your sleep.

So how do you play this amazing Paddle and Ball game? It really is very simple:

- Press ANY key and the paddle changes direction.
- Hit the top of the screen 5 times and you receive an upgrade.
- Hit 3 skulls and a Power-Up will drop. Get the GUNS! GUNS are cool! oh, so is the BOM. Get the BOM - BOOM!

There's lots more to it but you'll have to work it all out for yourself.
Note - You will DIE a lot!
Note 2 - Tea breaks are cool!
Note 3 - Don't forget to blink!

Now go and do something amazing like beating the local high score in the game. HA! Like thats ever going to happen - YOU IS DEAD!


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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