A downloadable game for Windows

Everybody loves a ninja, right? Even a fat one? Well fat boy is back in Super Ten Ton Ninja!

Take control of Ten Ton in this Grapple-tastic action game where you'll do a lot of dying, a lot of flying and tons of crying; as you try and reach that last gem before time runs out.

Take on Fat Seeking missiles, laser turrets, bats, flame throwers and even skinny ninjas across 3 different challenging game modes. Build up your Ninja Skill bar and unleash one of Ten Tons special weapons to help destroy the enemy.

Play the Ultimate game mode - 22 of the toughest levels that a fat ninja can face.

See how far you can get in Generate mode where the levels are unlimited and generated at random. Build up your XP and unlock specials, enemies and weapons.

How long can you survive in DeTONate mode? Swing around the level and remove the bombs before they go boom!


SuperTenTonNinjaFreeTrial.exe 23 MB