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Grab your favourite plane, select your weapons of choice, turn the music to EXTREMELY LOUD and show off your flying skills in this action packed game.

Join a band of washed-up rockstars who just happen to be able to fly planes and show the aliens who's best in aerial combat. Work your way through a variety of different "rock-tastic!" missions while earning mission bonuses and improving your Rockstar Rating.

Theres 7 different plane types to choose from - biplanes, jets and even a couple of blimps! Pick your favourite and then its time to bolt on the weapons before going into battle. Simple controls means you'll be doing loop-the-loops around the alien craft while setting fire to their mothership!


* 16 main missions to try and complete featuring heat seekers, clone UFOs, War Ships, towers, lasers and much, much more.

* Random Selection missions where 3 main enemies are randomly generated for you to do battle against.

* Rocknite game mode (not Fortnite!!) - Take on 50 UFOs and see how long it takes before you Crash n Burn.

* 7 different plane types each with varying speeds, shield and fuel.

* Upgrade your plane with primary and secondary weapons. Get the Heat Seekers and become a Rock God!

* Match the rockstar characters with their favourite planes to get a coin bonus.

The game features much more than this humble description can offer so why not install it and find out for yourself. Come on, Lets Rock!

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